Staying Motivated While Going For Your Goals

People often want to know, how to stay motivated while going for a big goal, and it takes longer than you wanted to.

In my opinion goal setting is a very powerful thing.  But you have to be careful though.  When setting goals, and putting your target dates, if you don’t hit your goal by the deadline, that you don’t go beating yourself up over it.

Goals are powerful because they set the course and they set the energy in motion.  But remember that we attract we feel, so if thinking of a goal and having that deadline puts any kind of pressure, where you feel uncomfortable and it makes you think that you won’t hit it, then instead of motivating you, it does the opposite, it depresses you to think about your goal.

Writing down your goals, and thinking of them should be fun and exciting, and the minute it doesn’t feel that way anymore, it’s time to adjust or change the goal.

One way to stay motivated that works for me, is to understand and remind myself, that the things I’ve accomplished (even if I didn’t hit my goal), are the necessary stepping stones to achieve the big goal.  If I didn’t hit it yet, then the timing isn’t right and there are things that I need to achieve first, before moving on to bigger accomplishments.

This may not be the answer you’re seeking, but everything will come at the time when it’s supposed to.

We don’t know how it’s going to happen, the key is to know that it is happening, and the Universe is arranging everything in the best possible way for your desire to manifest.

You may get a client, that’s not necessarily the kind of a client you wanted, but that person could be the one, that will lead you to the exact person you’re looking for.

Here’s one example that will always stand out in my mind.

About 9 years ago, I had a couple that came to see me about their financial services.  They did some business with me, but not what I would consider a great client.  One thing that I’ve always done is asked for referrals, and even though they didn’t give me any at the time of our meeting, but because I reminded them during our first and second meetings, and even during a follow up, they came through, and called me up one evening, giving me 3 names and numbers of people that they recommended.

The first 2 were complete flakes.  Even though I did get together with them, it was a complete waste of time and both weren’t very receptive.

I was hesitating to call the 3rd name on the list, because of the experience with those 2, but I decided that you just never know what could happen.

Long story short, I called and met with the 3rd person on the list, and not only did they become great clients, over the next 12 months, both he and his wife decided to come work with me in my agency selling financial services, and 9 years later they’re still with me.  The amount of business that they brought in over those years was very substantial, and all that from one person on a list.  And to think that I almost didn’t call them.

We just never know how it’s going to happen.  But as long as you focus on what we want, and don’t let the things that may seem like failures, to get in the way of your focus, and treat them as necessary steps towards the accomplishment of the big goal, than you will attract the things you want.