Simple Way To Find The Answers You’re Looking For

At times we all feel frustrated, trying to find a solution to a pressing issue.  Information and ideas are all around us.  And all we need to do is learn how to tap into them.  The most critical step in the attraction process, is to allow whatever you’re want to have, to come your way.

Allowing is not trying harder and getting frustrated.  Doing that actually blocks the energy flow, and puts up resistance.  So instead of attracting it, you’re actually repelling.

Whenever I’m faced with an issue, and I need to get answers on how to do that or the other, I immediately remind myself that my subconscious mind knows how to get the answer.  There’s a perfect solution to my issue, and I need to set the intention to get it, and then simply allow it to come my way.

What I like to do is pretend as if my subconscious mind, just like a computer, is searching for what I’m looking for, as if scrolling down the results of a search engine.  I also get in the feeling of already having the answer, and feel what it would be like when I get it.

I always keep a pad of paper with a pen next to me at all times.  Ideas will be flowing from your subconscious mind at various times, when you’re driving, watching tv, even in the shower.

When I catch myself thinking to hard about trying to find the solution, or say to myself, “Why can’t I find the answer to this…”, I immediately stop that thinking, and remind myself, that the answer, the perfect answer is out there, and that it’s on its way to me right now.

Whenever ideas or solutions come to me, I right them down and make a list of all the possible ways to ….

For example, let’s say you’re trying to figure out different ways to market your business.  As soon as you get one idea of how to do that, like some from my previous post, write it down and start writing down as many as come your way.  Whatever you give attention to will grow, so by focusing on that and making a list, you’ll get more and more ways to market your business.

Or maybe you’re working on a way to cut down on your refunds, there are plenty of things you can do, just takes a little brainstorming.

Recently I was looking for specific information about an internet marketing strategy, and just by writing it down and putting a little thought behind it, I started searching and came up with half a dozen ideas about that.  Here’s what’s interesting though.  I subscribe to different ezines and tips about business, and the same day I got an email with a couple links to some free resources on the specific topic that I was looking for.

Once again, there’s proof that your subconscious mind when given instructions will go to work to find exactly what you’re looking for.  The key is to know what you want, be clear about it, and don’t put up resistance in the form of negative feelings, such as doubt, fear, frustration, worry, instead be excited about the fact that you know, that whatever you’re seeking is also seeking you.