Is A Cup Of Coffee Abundant?

When you expect abundance, it comes your way.  Today I walked into a coffee shop to meet with a friend there to discuss some business ideas.

They were pretty busy and people were waiting a few minutes to get their lattes.  All I wanted was a small cup of coffee, and right before it was my turn to order, the guy behind the counter picked up a cup and asked “Who had the small coffee?”  No one answered, he asked again and got no response.  He then asked me what I was going to order, and I told him that that’s exactly what I wanted, a small coffee.  He smiled and didn’t even charge me for the coffee.


Maybe, but it happens a lot when you look at the world as abundant and expect abundance to come your way.

A cup of coffee may not seem as a symbol of abundance, but the fact that I didn’t wait for it, and didn’t pay for it, is.

When you start noticing and acknowledging these things, more of these things happen, in your family life, your health, relationship, and business.  It’s all connected.