How Your Intentions Can Create The Most Amazing Things

Here’s another example of how powerful our intentions are, and how we really attract the people and circumstances that come into our life.

This one has to do with my financial services business.  Without going into long details about it, I had a client in the past, and when I switched firms I was representing in the investment field, I didn’t want to contact him because of the potential conflict with the non-compete clause.  It’s 2 years, and for a variety of reasons, this particular client was involved with me and another representative who stayed with the other firm and so I wanted to wait the 2 years before approaching him, because I know that the other financial adviser could create unnecessary challenges for me.

This month marks my 2 year anniversary since switching, so I had this guy on my list to call in the next couple of weeks.  He was one of my biggest clients in the past, and I was the one that he trusted with his investments.

Last week I was telling my wife that I will be approaching him, now that my 2 years are up, and that I know he will be more than thrilled, because I know he liked the way I set up his accounts before, and today I have much more options than I had before, which is the reason I switched firms.  Knowing his situation and the way the stock market is right now, these options would be much better for him and he at least needs to know about them.

I haven’t spoken to this guy in over 2 years.  Today I get a phone call on my cell phone from him.  What a coincidence (or not).  He wants to talk to me about his accounts, so I inform him about this whole ordeal with the 2 years, and why I was hesitant to call him, anyway he says, “Vitaly, let’s meet this week and I want to transfer the whole thing to you.  If there’s something that you think is better, and you’ve done very well with my accounts before, let’s do it.”

He’s coming in to see me tomorrow.  This phone call could be worth thousands of dollars in compensation to me.

Now you may or may not believe in coincidences, I don’t.  I believe that there are no accidents or coincidences in life.  Your intentions when fueled by emotions, without any doubt, worry, or fear attract to you the most favorable circumstances.

This kind of thing happens a lot to me, and I take the time to notice and appreciate it, and acknowledge the fact that  I am attracting the things that I want.

It doesn’t matter whether you attract a $25 sale, a cup of coffee, or a client that’s worth thousands.  It works the same, and sometimes you attract little things, and sometimes big things.

It’s all through the Law of Attraction.