10 Traits To Make You Filthy Rich . . . I Disagree

In a recent article I saw on big financial website, there was a list of 10 traits that make you filthy-rich.

Here they are:

  • 1. Patience – being patient while saving and accumulating money
  • 2. Satisfaction – being satisfied with what you have so you don’t spend money on things you see in commercials that you think will make you feel/look better
  • 3. Organization – being organized for higher productivity
  • 4. Discipline – to continue saving for more long-term goals
  • 5. Reflectiveness – being able to reflect on the results of your financial decisions, both good and bad.
  • 6. Creativity – during unexpected events, when the economy and our earnings don’t match. Learning to juggle money, and to make something last longer.
  • 7. Curiosity – having curiosity helps you learn, study and improve yourself.
  • 8. Risk-Taking – to build wealth one needs to be willing to take risks.
  • 9. Goal-Oriented
  • 10. Hard- and Smart-Working

Ok, for the most part I agree with the concept that your attitude towards money will determine your success.

However, there are few things that I absolutely disagree with.

First, why do we need to address being wealthy, as filthy?

I know, it’s just a saying, but when you say filthy, what images and feelings come to mind? And keeping that in mind, when you say filthy-rich, what associations does your mind make? That too, will develop a certain attitude towards wealthy people and becoming wealthy.

As a financial planner, I too teach people to save and accumulate money, BUT I don’t think you should be patient at all.
If you want to accumulate money fast, who has the right to tell you that it takes a long time, except yourself?

You’re the only one that can determine how fast or slow you will accomplish that. If you tell your mind that it’ll take 25 years of saving and investing to accumulate $1 Million, then that’s exactly what your mind is going to focus on.

But if you decide to get there much faster, and provide your subconscious mind with all the emotional reasons for your objective, and start feeling as if you’re already in possession of the money, staying open to the possibilities, and get out of your own way without putting out any fear, doubt, or worry about how it’s going to happen, then, your subconscious mind will focus on that, and will attract to you the necessary people, situations, and create favorable circumstances for that to happen.

Also, being satisfied with what you have so you don’t go out and buy more things. I agree you shouldn’t go out and just spend money on everything immediately, but if a new car or a certain luxury is what you’re after, and what you want, then focus on that. Start the attraction process of the things you want, instead of limiting yourself by creating a sense of satisfaction for what you have. But you should be grateful for what you have, that’s critical. Nothing wrong with wanting more, as long as you accept what you have and be grateful for it.

And lastly, creativity. Creativity is critical, but to create more, not figure out how to live on less. You can certainly use creativity to juggle money and cut back, creatively, but why waste your imagination on that?

Everything around us has been created using imagination. The chair you’re sitting in, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the building you’re in, your computer, the books you read . . . everything, was once a thought, an idea, in someone’s mind, and using creativity and imagination it became a huge enterprise for someone, and is now being used by millions of people around the world.

You see my point?

Your attitude towards money will absolutely dictate your level of success and the amount of wealth you’ll accumulate.

Focus on more, and you will have more. Plant those seeds in your subconscious mind and watch the magic that happens. And don’t take everything you read as a fact. It may be someone’s opinion, but that opinion shouldn’t put any limitations on your ability to create the things you truly want in your life, and the speed at which you can do that.

One great way to get your mind to focus on what you want is to constantly plant images and thoughts of the things you want, into your subconscious mind. You do that to create feelings, send out vibrations that attract to you the things you want.